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"Dedicated to providing the best environment for showing in the equine world."



Why hold your event at Kingsryche Estates?

The Kingsryche Estates' Steeple (St. Francis Cathedral on Old Mill Pike).

Located adjacent to Majestic Farms; Kingsryche Estates is a five star show complex set on 1,142 acres offering:
~ TWO 360 seat Show Pavillions
~ FOUR 225 seat Outdoor Stadiums
~ NINE 150' x 250' warm-up rings
~ TWO full-service race courses
~ Polo, Steeplechase, & FEI Cross Country course
~ 162 barns & 7,776 stalls (12x12)
~ Plenty of on-site parking


Kingsryche Estates is an Award Winner!

Kingsryche's Main Entrance (off Old Mill Pike)

The placement and design of Kingsryche Estates' barns and arenas won it an Honorary Mention in the Architectural Digesttm 100 Greatest Buildings of the 90's, as well as a top-fifty placing in Better Homes & Gardenstm Most Beautiful Places : Midwestern U.S. -- the only agricultural facility to make either list!

The Staff and Crew of Kingsryche Estates wishes to extend to these publications their deepest thanks for such a prestigious recognition.

At Kingsryche Estates, comfort and safety are everything...

Early morning at the turnout pastures of Kingsryche Estates' training track, Keene Gardens.

We want our visitors -- human and equine -- to feel right at home at Kingsryche Estates. That's why all our stalls are 12x12 foot boxes in PERMANENT structures (no temporary stabling here!), with dutch doors and vaulted ceilings for maximum ventilation. The grounds are well-lit, and patroled 24-7 by Axis Security: offering first-class equine protection since 1922: so owners can feel comfortable leaving their horses, tack, and other valuables alone overnight.

All areas at Kingsryche Estates are conveniently placed and easy to locate, with maps of the grounds thoughtfully hung in each building for quick reference. All roads, rings, courses, and tracks are maitenanced regularly for horse and rider safety, and all cross country courses have a manned watchtower year-round.

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A Subsidiary of Majestic Farms
[unfortunately, just part of the SIM Equus Forever]
2800 Old Mill Pike
Keene, KY 48058
phone 606*988*5555 fax 606*988*5454
e-mail owner@kingsryche.freeservers.com