Disclaimer : People wishing to hold events at Kingsryche Estates should be aware that sections of the grounds are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis: especially in the case of the Polo / Steeplechase / Cross Country field, where holding all three of these event types simultaniously would be impossible without endangering lives.

Please fill out the following carefully, and submit it within two months of the show's desired date. The requested section will then be held until it is either confirmed or cancelled. If for any reason the show is cancelled (ie - it is not approved by the Committee, lack of interest or entries), applicants for space at Kingsryche Estates will be held responsible for any financial losses the grounds may incur should said applicant fail to cancel their reservation within one week of the show's scheduled date.

And thank you for chosing Kingsryche Estates as your horse showing venue!

~ K. Ariaunna Baxter

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, 2000

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Show Type (chose one) :

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  • Pavillions are covered 200' x 250' arenas, with stadium seating up to 400 people, and cost $50 a day (or $100 for three days). Price includes the use of surrounding warm-up rings.
  • Arenas are 150' x 200', with stadium seating up to 250 people, and cost $30 a day (or $75 for three days). Price includes the use of surrounding warm-up rings.
  • Polo / Steeplechase Field has perimeter stadium seating up to 200 people, and costs $25 a day.
  • Cross Country Course has perimeter stadium seating at some hazards up to 100 people, and costs $45 a day (or an additional $10 with a Pavillion / Arena reservation for Three-Day Events).
  • Majestic Gardens is a 1 1/2 mile dirt track around a 1 1/4 mile turf course, with a stadium capacity of 120,000 people. Cost is $100 a day.
  • Keene Gardens is a 1 1/4 mile dirt training track around a 1 mile turf training track, with stadium seating capacity of 15,000 people. Cost is $80 a day, $500 a week, or 1,500 a month.

Dr. Jenney Memorial Pavillion

Mrs. Grace Addler Memorial Pavillion

Embassy Arena

Alliance Arena

Paulson Arena

Overlook Arena

Polo / Steeplechase Field

Cross Country Course

Majestic Gardens

Keene Gardens

Number of Barns :
**There is a deposit of $10.00 per stall. Deposit is refunded if exhibitors have their stalls stripped out before they leave. Contact the Grounds Office to receive your refund.

Total Cost :

Payment is expected no later than two weeks after the show has concluded. Checks are to be made out to Kingsryche Estates, c/o the address below. Failure to pay will result in possible suspension by the Judiciary Council, to whom Kingsryche Estates will report the discrepancy.

"The preceeding is a contract with Kingsryche Estates for use of their facilities. I am aware of the conditions of this agreement: that I will report any cancellations or postponments of my event immediately to the Grounds office of Kingsryche Estates; that I will reemburce Kingsryche Estates should I instigate any breech of contract; and that I will pay in full for their services within two weeks of the show's completion."


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